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Geography & History

Geography and History Manual Early Childhood

Geography is the study of the earth on which man lives and History is the study of man who lives on the earth. The two, therefore, are very closely related.
It would not be possible for a child to fully understand or learn about Geography without History. One must fuse Geography and History to provide a full
understanding of each.
95 pages


Geography Manual Early Childhood

There are two principal concepts of geography in the Children’s House:

  1. The earth is broadly composed of land, water, and air, with land and water being the major focus of study.
  2. The large earth may be three-dimensionally represented as a globe, or may be two-dimensionally mapped as on the puzzle maps. Landforms may be three-dimensionally represented in clay and water, or may be two-dimensionally mapped as with the blue and brown paper cards.

102 pages


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