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Infant and Toddler

Sensorial Manual Infant and Toddler

This manual is for teacher trainers and for teachers first becoming acquainted with the Montessori sensorial materials. Its purpose is to present the sensorial materials in a sequential manner, with an emphasis on consistency across the materials and within each material. In a word, creating a rationale for how we present the Montessori sensorial materials: retiring the arcane; reviewing and revitalizing the essence.

110 pages


Practical Life Manual Infant and Toddler

Activities performed by the toddler in his/ her day to day life. These activities help the Toddler develop function and manageability, analysing proprtions, completeness in work, color coordination,  interest in performing an activity, cleanliness etc.

200 pages


Pedagogy Manual Infant and Toddler

Important aspects such as introduction, health and safety, environment, social and emotional and language for the new born, infant and toddler are covered in the following areas:

  • Feeding
  • Infant - Weaning
  • Toddler - Mealtime
  • Diapering and Toileting
  • Undressing and Dressing
  • Sleeping and Waking

116 pages


Language Arts Manual Infant and Toddler

When examining communication and language development, the age of the child is taken into account along the following age groupings:


Health and Safety Manual Infant and Toddler

Written and implemented safety and health policies and procedures are critical to providing base level care for the young child. The safety and health policies and procedures are available to all adults providing care to the young child. The policies and procedures are updated periodically as safety and health agencies, and commonly accepted practice suggest. The Family Policy Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the group care facility regarding the safety and health policies and procedures.


Environments Manual Infant and Toddler

The Montessori prepared environment is developed and maintained by the adult.
The guiding principal in the maintenance and development of the environment is the nature of the child in his/her current plane of development.
123 Pages


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