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History Manual Vol 1 Elementary

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History Manual Vol 1 Elementary

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This manual deals with the Notion of time, Age of Earth, Fundamental Needs of People, Clock of Eras etc. and gives an introduction to the study of history.
Dr. Montessori states that the study of history begins by giving to the child a history of the universe. This will not only strike the imagination of the child, but it will create in the child wonder and amazement, sentiments which are higher than interest. The knowledge that brings wisdom is complete only if we give first a vision of the whole.
This vision of the whole is an indirect preparation for the understanding of details. The laws of the universe, even though they are presented to the child in a scientific way, can be presented in an interesting way, with the help of materials and experiments. The experiments will arouse the interest of the child and will be a moral lesson.

163 pages

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