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Geography & History

History Manual Vol 3 Elementary

This manual illustrates the presentaions of the Five Great Lessons, the ancient civilizations and United States history.
197 pages


History Manual Vol 2 Elementary

This manual focuses on the presentation of Time line of Life and People. The Time Line of Life is the further study of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and
Cenozoic Eras. The eras are further divided into Periods. Refer to the charts found on pages 133 to 136 in History Manual I for a graphic representation of
the divisions of Periods.
The study of these eras and periods are viewed interdisciplinary. That is, the child sees each era in terms of the animal life and plant life that developed. The


History Manual Vol 1 Elementary

This manual deals with the Notion of time, Age of Earth, Fundamental Needs of People, Clock of Eras etc. and gives an introduction to the study of history.
Dr. Montessori states that the study of history begins by giving to the child a history of the universe. This will not only strike the imagination of the child, but it will create in the child wonder and amazement, sentiments which are higher than interest. The knowledge that brings wisdom is complete only if we give first a vision of the whole.


Geology Manual Elementary

Geology is the study of the earth; the science that examines the earth, its form and composition,and the changes which it has undergone and is undergoing.
Geologists employ mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and geography to aid them in their study of the earth. Different aspects of the earth are studied
as volcanology, sedimentology, hydrogeology, glacial geology, structural geology, minerology, paleontology, etc.


Geography Manual Vol 2 Elementary

The geography classified nomenclature is considered the key for the organization of the child’s knowledge of the earth. Level II provides a more technical and scientific approach to the study of the earth. The Montessori principle of the concrete experience prior to the study of a particular aspect of the earth is exemplified here. This may be done through direct observation, such as observing the different clouds or visiting a river. Many times indirect observation is required via pictures, books, or videos.


Geography Manual Vol 1 Elementary

Geography is very often considered to be an unimportant subject. The sciences cannot exist independently, because all the sciences together form a part of life. Geography is, in fact, the subject which unifies all the other subjects. It is the subject which unifies culture.
Geography is the physical space within which the activity of life occurs.
The word ‘geography’ comes from the Greek: ‘to write about the earth’. The dictionary states that geography is the science which deals with the physical phenomena of the earth.


Functional Geography Manual, Elementary

The functional geography curriculum focuses on a presentation of the world in terms of the active and functioning processes affecting the earth as a planet in the sun's family. Geography examines the social and cultural contexts of the world, while functional geography explores the geological and astronomical contexts of the earth in the universe. Briefly stated, we could say that geography studies the boundaries designed by humans and functional geography


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