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Language Arts

Language Arts Manual Vol 5 Early Childhood

This manual introduces grammar, covering all nine parts of speech:

  1. The Noun
  2. The Article
  3. The Adjective
  4. The Verb
  5. The Preposition
  6. The Adverb
  7. The Pronoun
  8. The Conjunction
  9. The Interjection

77 pages


Language Arts Manual Vol 4 Early Childhood

This manual covers:

  • Blue Series: consonant digraphs th, sh, ch, tch, ck, wh, ph and ng, and 21 consonant blends
  • Green Series: with the dipthongs, hard and soft c and g, silent letters g, k, h, u, b, e, long vowel sounds ar, er, ir, or, ur

81 pages


Language Arts Manual Vol 3 Early Childhood

This manual covers penmanship with the sandpaper letters and metal insets, indirect and direct preparation for reading, as well as the pink series with the c-v-c format.
Language functions not only as a device for reporting experience or for the purpose of communication; it also functions as a self-contained, creative, symbolic organization that defines experience for its speakers. Languages differ in the ways they categorize experience and also in what segments of experience they set apart.
149 pages


Language Arts Manual Vol 2 Early Childhood

This manuals covers the preparation for reading, by emphasizing visual discrimination and concept development.
Visual descrimination is learnt from various resources such as  puzzles, object to picture matching, picture to picture matching, whole to parts, patterning etc.
Concept development is formed by association, opposites, rhyming objects, classification etc.
103 pages


Language Arts Manual Vol 1 Early Childhood

Covers receptive and expressive language and includes many activities for the pre-reading child.
Each curriculum area contains particular language components which are designed to enrich vocabulary while sharpening the powers of observation, of skill development, and of concept development.
At least one of the following listening/speaking activities are conducted each day at large group lessons, small group lessons, and individual lessons.
These activities develop:


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